Your Trip

Get Ready to have a Great Experience!




Early Morning

  Meet off-site to begin the charter experience and verify proper fishing licenses and applicable trout stamps have been acquired
  Arrive at water access and begin safety instruction regarding both the water and proper activity in the boat including location and use of safety gear and first aid kit
  Begin fishing and enjoying the outdoors



Lunch Time

   Lunch and soft drinks will be provided
   No glass is permitted on board
   Snacks are also provided throughout the day




   Continuing the experience on the water
   End in time to insure all vehicles are out of park areas






   Proper and legal tackle will be provided with the exception of flies and artificial lures
   Correct and most productive flies and artificial lures will be recommended during a pre-trip interview based on the current activities of the fish and the desired fishing techniques of the angler
   Customer is welcome to bring and use their own hard tackle provided it meets regulations
   Safety and first aid gear is located with easy access on board




What to Bring


   Light rain jacket
   Sunglasses (polarized will enhance your fishing experience)
   Proper licensing (visit to purchase online)