Past Trips
Larry and Horton

Larry had casted a fly rod briefly years ago, but hadn't had much success. Horton admitted, "I have never even seen a fly rod up close!" Both went on to rip some lips!!
Denise from California

Denise was in town for business and decided she needed a day out. Yes, we broke "the glass rule" to help celebrate her day on the river.

Alex has been helpful in getting North Georgia Charters dialed in.
Captain Doug with trout on the Hooch

Photos of what is available right here in Atlanta
Matt and Jerilin

Matt and Jerilin from North Carolina came to Georgia for a bike race and found the Chatahoochee.
John and Ryan Fetz

Camie's Father's Day gift
George and son his son Brian

Brian loves to fish and dad was looking for another way to spend some time with his son
Larry and his son Karl

Karl came to visit dad in Atlanta, so dad took him fishing
Larry and Kristina

Kristina came to Atlanta from from Chicago to visit her father
Chris Hill's first time on

Chris actually lives on a private lake that drains into the Hooch less than a mile from his home, but he had never been on the river.
Happy Birthday!!

Stacy booked a great birthday for her nieces