Past Trips

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David Cross and guests: Doug, Larry and George

Summary: Water and air warmed up for a great morning on the water


Details: David has been treating friends and colleagues with trips to the lake for a while now and I must say he has paid his dues with many difficult and cold days. Persistence paid off this time for us and wow what a great morning of fishing. The day started off a bit slow, but soon everyone started catching the green ones on swim baits. It was not long until a down line went screaming off and we had our first Striper set. It was a REAL big boy that broke us off on the run. After breaking off another one, we settled down and started to make sure and get them to the boat. All were released healthy and we broke the 10 pound barrier TWICE! The Champion 24 Bay was truly just that – a champion. We were running 5 lines out – 3 flat and 2 down – and all 4 guests were still comfortably casting swim baits in all directions. Another great day on the lake.